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3 secrets of persuasive speakers

What if there was a proven formula that could help you persuade more people than ever before? And what if that same formula could improve your presentation skills to make your delivery more engaging, more compelling and more dynamic? Imagine what that would do for you. Over 2,300 years ago, the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, wrote about the […]

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things to avoid saying when presenting - Speaking Edge

6 Things to avoid saying when presenting

Whether you are speaking to one person or to many, every aspect of your communication counts. Your body language, tone of voice, what you say and how you say it all contribute to your overall message.  Certain words and phrases are almost guaranteed to switch others off. And yet, I hear them time and time again in […]

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The most persuasive words to use when presenting - Speaking Edge

The most persuasive words to use when presenting

Your words matter. A single word can change someone’s mind, often without their awareness. Certain words are proven to be more powerful and persuasive than others. Those speakers that know how to convincingly use these words have an instant advantage. Discover which words have the most persuasive power….

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