About Speaking Edge

Speaking Edge was established to help professional business people communicate more effectively.

This site, my courses and coaching provide proven techniques to increase your influence and design stories that sell. I can give you the tools and strategies to confidently deliver compelling presentations and sell your ideas more powerfully and persuasively.

The ability to persuasively present your ideas is such a critical, and yet often over-looked skill in business today. Mastering these skills can be life changing. They will catapult your career and business to new heights.

My story

I started my career in sales 30 years ago. Very quickly, I realised that I was petrified of public speaking.

I would go to enormous lengths to avoid any opportunity to speak in front of a group. My fear was both irrational and extreme. It was also seriously career limiting.

I decided that if I was going to succeed in business, I had to overcome my fears. I attended a vast number of public speaking courses and studied presentation techniques. I quickly learnt that good speakers are made and not born.

The best speakers use proven techniques and structures to craft memorable, engaging and persuasive presentations. In fact, many of the world's top speakers are using the same techniques that have been taught for thousands of years.

By learning, applying and practising these techniques, my confidence and abilities as a speaker grew exponentially. So began my journey of life long study on the subject of persuasive communication and how to influence others.

Paul Lucas

I studied the methods of successful influencers. I read book after book on sales and presentation techniques: my thirst for knowledge was insatiable. I discovered there is an abundance of knowledge and research on the subject of influence and persuasion.

By applying these techniques, I not only increased my success, I felt more comfortable and confident in persuading and selling to others. My sales career took off which, in no small part, was because I was now completely confident speaking in front of audiences of many hundreds of people.

Ultimately, if you want to change your results, you have to change your words and behaviours.

My success had very little to do with any innate ability. Instead, I simply applied a range of proven techniques that I had learnt from extensive study and research into what works and what doesn’t.

My depth of knowledge and passion for the subject eventually led to the transition in my career to coaching and training others.

This site and my training courses are a culmination of 30 years, and nearly 10,000 hours of study and research. They provide the tools, strategies and techniques that are proven through empirical research to help you present, persuade and sell your ideas with confidence and clarity.

These techniques worked for me and can quickly and easily work for you as well.